Made in France

Created in 1910, Baudou is a inescapable French manufacturer in the world of working technical footwear.

Since her creation Baudou has always had the will to maintain the know-how and labour in her factories in France.

By hook or by crook to preserve the industrial local employment.

Synonym of quality and excellence the Made in France stay a priority for the centenary company.

Baudou is from the outset engaged in a CSR approch, where make the territories live where her factories are implanted and preserve the planet are values of the company.

European manufacturing

For the Products that Baudou can't manufacture, the company has made the choice to select and work with Europan partner factories who has the same CSR philosophy, namely preserve the local know-how and preserve the environement.

These partners are carefully selected to answer to the highest requirement of the company and the final consumer.


Since its creation in 1910 the Baudou brand has always had a high requirement with regards to the quality of the products manufactured and sold.

Since the beginning to today the company has always be committed to ensuring that the products issued from its factories are of an impeccable quality.

That's why Baudou has settled since many years systems of quality control at the forefront. In addition to garanty an optimal quality and the respects of the highest standards and european normes, Baudou is regularly testing in independent laboratory the raw material used for production and the final products. Baudou is also signatory of the Innoshoes charter which garanty the safety of its products.

INNOSHOE charter

Groupe HB is one of the founding members of the INNOSHOE Charter.

As such, it warrants that the whole range of shoes they produce for its UMO®, BOPY® and MEDUSE® brands respects the strictest norms in chemical safety.

Groupe HB also instructs all its suppliers to abide rigorously to these rules, following a set of specifications which are updated every season to implement the most demanding chemical safety regulations.


In order to garanty the tracability of its productions, Baudou is doing regularly some tests before, during and at the end of the productions.

The company numbered all its productions to garanty and impeccable tracability and if needed excecute addition controls or returns of the goods, if defective products pass through the many quality controls settled before the delivery.