Our story started in 1910, and since then we have never stopped innovating.

Today, we are at many professionals’ feet.

Farming,Construction, Heavy, Duty, Health, Food Processing, Transport of Dangerous Products, Industry and Artisans - you name their trade and we will have a pair that will suit them. Reliable, comfortable and wear resistant, our products cover a wide range of trades.

BAUDOU is part of the HUMEAU BEAUPREAU group.

BAUDOU is a member of the INNOSHOE Charter which ensures our products comply
with very the French and European rules and regulations in terms of product safety.


We are proud to publish our professional equality index which reaches 93 out of 100, a stable result compared to last year. The HB Group remains committed to parity and the promotion of diversity.

This score is used based on several indicators, including the pay gap between women and men (score of 39/40), the gap in the rate of increase between women and men (score of 35/35) and the number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest paid (score of 5/10).